Although MMOGA Ltd does have a contact telephone number, they don’t have a UK number – only a Hong Kong number, and they don’t accept customer support enquiries on that number.

Being a Hong Kong based company, even though they have websites targetting the UK ( and the UKA (, as they don’t take customer service phone calls, their number is Hong Kong Number. Here is the full number to dial, complete with international Hong Kong dialling code: 00852 8191 4934.

If you have no luck phoning them, contact them by email on or write to them (or pay them a visit) in Hong Kong if needs be – their worldwide operations are based at this address: 16/F, Kowloon Building, 555 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Useful contact names (both representing MMOGA Ltd in an administrative capacity) include:

  • Liuxi Deng (official registrant of the website domain name)
  • Jianqing Hong (official registrant of the website domain name)

About Mmoga


Mmoga is a Hong Kong managed, Internet-based dealer of virtual currency (such as Fifa coins, WoW gold) and similar such items important within the sphere of online, multiplayer videogames (including game keys).

Founded on the belief that not all video gamers could afford to spend time acquiring in-game currency themselves, Mmoga’s workforce consists of individuals – often in the developing world – who can gather such resources efficiently. Since the firm’s creation, it has served more than 1,000,000 customers.

Now functioning as a vendor of videogames together with cards which permit free play, Mmoga’s prosperity in the field of gold selling appears firm despite many game operators banning such practices.

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