Unfortunately, we don’t have any contact details for Mojang – they don’t encourage people to phone them for customer support because they can’t handle the call volumes. Instead, try using their online help centre here:

Mojang is a video game development company, now owned by Microsoft, and best know as the producer of Minecraft, a game in which players can extract materials and assemble them.

Founded by a young Swede named Markus Persson, Minecraft was originally conceived as a hobby. However the game attracted a devoted following from the earliest prototype stages, leading the team behind it to sell it at a low, introductory pre-release rate. Now, the game has sold millions of copies, enjoys regular updates and a version made for tablet computing.

Today Mojang is expanding its horizons with a new title: Scrolls. The firm itself enjoys a revered reputation owing to the attitude of its founder and his iconic sandbox construction game.

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