Music Magpie

Complaints, queries and comments can be directed to Music Magpie’s Customer service team; the telephone number is: 0330 223 0989.

Music Magpie is a buyer of old CDs, DVDs and other such physical media. Taking advantage of the mass digitization of media goods, the firm offers customers money for their old goods.

Advertised as a method to declutter one’s home, the firm has gained some success with space-conscious customers. After compiling an itinerary of their products and confirming their good, working condition, Music Magpie offers a cash fee for the entirety of the goods sent to them in a single box with one of the firm’s specially contracted couriers.

Frequently expanding their focus, Music Magpie now buys up clothing, electronics and much more from customers wishing to make some spare money during a home clear out.

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