National Rail

If you’d like to contact National Rail, for general enquiries including train times and anything else, you may phone them on their freephone number 0800 022 3720.

National Rail is the UK’s national association of train travel services, often confused with Network Rail which is the governing body that actually owns the tracks and is responsible for their maintenance.

Run in association with local train authorities, the National Rail network known for its distinct logo and tickets detailing miscellaneous legal jargon on the back (like “our rules apply to all trains, we are a network, more meaningless facts”) as opposed to information that passengers would actually want to know (like “at what point can I discard my ticket, how much will I be fined if I do it too early, what if there are no ticket machines available, etc”).

Although the transition of the public rail services to private contracts has divided the overall appearance of local services, those offered under National Rail remain frequent. In the wake of heavy public support for a fully nationalised rail interest, there is a large possibility of a single, unified organisation offering rail transport reintroducing the importance of the business.

Overseeing sales, administration and promotion of Britain’s almost 200-year-old passenger rail network, National Rail remains hugely integral to modern British transport.

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