Nationwide: 0843 504 7219

Contact Nationwide Building Society on their freephone customer services helpline 0800 30 20 11 or alternatively phone them on this number: 0843 504 7219.

Call either of these phone numbers to speak to a Nationwide advisor about your bank accounts and transactions, or to make use of Nationwide’s self-service telephone banking facility.

About Nationwide

Nationwide is Britain’s largest Building Society, offering all kinds of bank accounts, investment options, mortgages and credit arrangements to millions of customers every year.

Having been a hugely important financier for decades, Nationwide was one of the few institutions of its kind to emerge relatively unscathed in the wake of the 2007-8 banking crisis. Using this fact as a means of enhancing its reputation, the firm has in recent years enjoyed renewed success as a perceived lender of integrity and competence.

Managing millions of individual accounts, lending arrangements together with a robust high street and online presence, Nationwide continues to be more than merely an important firm in British finance. Nationwide customers are often patriotic to the company, attesting that nationwide rewards them more than other major high street banks, because they’re not just a bank they’re a building society, operating for the profit of the customers rather than stakeholders.

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