NFU Mutual

Existing customers of NFU Mutual can speak to a member of the Customer service team on the following telephone number: 0808 274 4499.
*If you are not yet a customer of NFU mutual but would like to enquire about a product or service then use this telephone number: 0808 278 1595.

NFU Mutual is one of the UK’s oldest and most popular specialists in life insurance and retirement cover, remaining very popular with older people across the country.

Offering a selection of affordable and reasonable coverage plans to customers, NFU Mutual began as a collaboration between a group of farmers wishing to gain a better deal for those in agriculture through a union. Since these humble beginnings NFU Mutual has diversified into granting all manner of policies to its wide range of customers.

With extensive expertise in giving its customers comfort and assurance that their families will be looked after financially, NFU Mutual today has close to a million British customers.

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