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Phone Nissan Finance on 0870 606 0666; or contact Nissan customer services by phone on 0843 504 3741 or email to

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Nissan Finance is the credit arm of the Nissan motor corporation. It oversees various leasehold and installment payment arrangements surrounding the company’s vehicles.

Designed as a way for Nissan to properly oversee and inspect its lease and buy-to-own vehicles, Nissan Finance has for years been a way for drivers to enjoy the firm’s offerings through attractive regular payment arrangements. Returns and repairs are also regulated by the company, meaning those with a car financing account are held to high standards of automotive care.

Run in partnership with numerous garages, inspection centres and sales offices, Nissan Finance remains a popular method for customers to enjoy Nissan’s vehicular offerings.

Contact Information

Contact Nissan Finance

Phone: 0870 606 0666
Calls cost standard local rate when calling from a standard BT landline, but can cost up to 12p per minute (plus a call set-up fee) when calling from a landline; while calls to 0870 numbers cost anywhere between 5p and 40p per minute when calling from a mobile.

Write to Nissan Finance

Nissan Finance (GB) Ltd
Eagle House
78 St Albans Road
WD17 1AF

Contact Nissan – Customer Services

Phone: 0843 504 3741 or 01923 899334
When: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 8am-2pm.

Phone Nissan’s dedicated customer service call-centre where a representative will aim to answer your sales and after-sales questions regarding Nissan vehicles, services (including insurance and financial products) and the company.

Calls to the 0843 Nissan phone number will cost 5p per minute from a standard BT landline while calls from mobiles and other networks vary (ie, they’re more costly). Meanwhile the 01923 phone number is charged at standard local rate based on your network’s usual charges.

Alternatively, email the Nissan customer service contact centre on:

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