Notify Norton of any technical difficulties you may be having by contacting their offices on the following telephone number: 0870 243 1080.

Norton is PC security software house, best know for Norton Antivirus which came installed with a 30 day free trial by default on PCs for so many years and harrassed us to upgrade every day from the 30 day mark onwards, telling u that our system was insecure. This was particularly irritating to those with decent PC knowledge who knew that they could get equal (if not superior) security by downloading AVG for free. No wonder its founder, Mr Norton, has disassociated himself with the company (and actively insulted it many a time!) since the Symantec buyout.

Norton Antivirus has been a prominent presence in the antivirus industry since its dawn in the early 1990s.

Frequently working with law enforcement and other computer security firms in the interests of defending computers from viruses, Norton today is important in modern computing. Often, the program is bundled with new installations, meaning that those low on technical expertise are afforded a defence against the many malicious programs that can infect computers.

Over its years of operating, Norton has applied year-on-year updates which have modernised and expanded its overall security protections over a given person’s computer system.

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