Now TV

Unfortunately, the Now TV helpline no longer exists.

If you wish to phone the Now TV customer service, technical support or sales team: try the following steps, or try phoning the parent company Sky (but bear in mind they tend to say they can’t help with Now TV over the phone because Now TV is an online-only venture).

Step 1: Click the turquoise Contact Us button near the bottom of this page: (or any other help article on the Now TV site except the “How to contact us” article which is of course where 99% of people want it).

Step 2: Now click Live Chat on the following page.

We can’t link you directly to anywhere that has the Live Chat button though, because NOW TV will redirect you off the page if it detects you haven’t already clicked the Contact Us button on a previous page. As with hiding the Contact Us button from the “How to contact us” article, this is another nice (or cunning) way to confuse & delay people from cancelling immediately!

Have an enquiry, compliant or concern about Now TV’s range of televised entertainment services? There is no phone number for their customer service team any more, so for prompt, expert help on their film, TV packages and on-demand Internet streaming offerings, visit their website and check out their FAQs because if you have nothing better to do than watch long hours of Now TV you probably have plenty of time for customer service in the difficult, internet-only, multiple-click way.

Now TV is an Internet TV service offering a variety of entertainment. Owned by British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB – known to most of us simply as “Sky”), the Now TV service is noted for offering daily and monthly passes for Sky Sports and Sky Movies channels.

Conceived as a potential rival to the likes of Netflix, Now TV was founded with the experience and considerable finance of BSkyB. The service has been fully adapted to work with a variety of TV-related devices such as game consoles, with the services on offer tailored to those who haven’t a conventional cable television subscription.

A success for its affiliation and offerings related to Sky’s unique TV content, Now TV continues to vie for influence with customers sceptical of traditional cable packages.

Do you use Now TV? Tell us your problems below and see if our community of Now TV users can’t offer some useful advice.

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