National Savings and Investments (NS&I) – 0843 504 3751

Contact NS&I on either of the following customer service phone numbers: 0843 504 3751, 0500 007 007, 01253 832 007.

National Savings and Investments (NS&I) is the UK government’s official personal savings scheme, offering its services through a state-owned bank.

Operating distinct from the Post Office since that entity’s privatisation, the NS&I nevertheless continues to promote and offer its famous premium bonds via Royal Mail facilities. Those in ownership of accounts would, when depositing, receive a stamp in a savings book – a famous tradition which made NS&I distinct from its commercial competitors.

Renowned for years as the most secure means of saving, National Savings and Investments have since 2011 offered most of their services remotely via phone, the Internet and post.

NS&I Contact Numbers

You can contact National Savings and Investments’ Customer Service on either of the following phone numbers.

  • 0843 504 3751
  • 0500 007 007
  • 01253 832 007

Alternatively, feel free to write a letter and send it to: NS&I, Glasgow G58 1SB – being sure to include as plenty of personal details to help your enquiry get processed most efficiently (but not so much that identity fraud becomes a major risk).

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