Nuclear Industry Association: 020 7766 6640

For general enquiries contact the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) on 020 7766 6640, or for media enquiries phone 07803 696 786.

The Nuclear Industry Association is a trade association affiliated with the World Nuclear Accociation (WNA). Both organisations have their headquarters in Tower House, Southampton Street, London.  The Nuclear Industry Association hold regular events and exhibitions across the country that aim to promote understanding of the industry.

The Nuclear Industry Association role is to:

  • Represent the 270+ nuclear power companies that operate in the UK
  • Promote understanding among the general public of the nuclear power industry
  • Deal with concerns voiced by politicians, the public and the media about the nuclear industry
  • Publish a quarterly magazine aimed at the 65,000 workers in the nuclear industry in the UK

Contact Numbers

There are four contact numbers listed on the NIA UK website. Of the numbers given only the general enquiries number is a landline. The other three, for press enquiries, are mobile numbers.

General Enquiries: 020 7766 6640

PR and Media Manager: 07803 696 786
Head of Policy: 07836 250 560
Communications Executive: 07894 595 717

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