Ovo Energy: 0870 183 0632

If you would like to enquire about transferring your energy supplier to Ovo, then you should contact them using the following customer service telephone numbers: 0800 408 6610, 0800 599 9440 and 0870 183 0632.

Ovo Energy is one of Britain’s smaller energy providers. Due to its small size, the firm is able to offer special savings opportunities and heightened customer care to its local consumers in regions surrounding the company’s Bristol headquarters, unlike the so-called ‘Big Six’ energy companies which operate throughout Europe, and in some cases on an intercontinental basis.

Founded in response to growing concerns by British households regarding the constantly rising home electricity and gas prices, Ovo Energy offers a more affordable solution. Offering a personalised service with limits upon its bureaucracy, Ovo is also committed to several green energy initiatives, offsetting some of the carbon usage it is responsible for.

Conducting a brisk and growing trade from its base in the South of England, Ovo Energy aspires to become renowned as one of the UK’s most customer-friendly energy suppliers.

Contact Ovo Energy customer services for free by dialling their freephone numbers 0800 599 9440 and 0800 408 6610. You can also reach this general enquiries team by calling 0870 183 0632 which is charged at 13p per minute plus a standard call-access fee which is determined by your landline provider.

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