Parcel Monkey

Unfortunately, Parcel Monkey no longer operates a customer service phoneline. They rarely ever offered customer support over the phone and now they’ve completely done away with it.

Officially, the only way Parcel Monkey provide customer service is within their website’s online support system, so if your calls aren’t getting picked up, you may have to do that else contact the contracted carrier directly. Parcel Monkey send all their parcels via trusted couriers like DHL, CityLink and Yodel – contact the courier directly if you can.

Parcel Monkey is a price comparison website dedicated to parcel delivery. The Parcel Monkey website compares deals from various private couriers offering home collection of parcels.

Founded with a view to giving customers choice extending beyond the Post Office, Parcel Monkey indexes both established, large couriers as well as newer start-ups. Novel alternatives, such as customers bringing parcels to local warehouses for delivery at a discount, have also been piloted through the website.

Boasting thousands of satisfied customers, an eco-friendly carbon policy, and a well-presented, readily usable website, Parcel Monkey aspires to be in the vanguard of parcel delivery.

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