Contact ParkingEye – the UK’s leading private parking company, on their national phone number: 0330 555 4444.

Or write to: ParkingEye Limited, PO Box 565, Chorley, PR6 6HT

ParkingEye was established in Britain in 2004 as an automated number plate collecting service, and today stands as Britain’s biggest private parking company.

Much of its trade results from issuing tickets as part of contracts with high-profile retail firms like Aldi and Morrisons. Operating sophisticated car photographing technology, ParkingEye electronically notes and issues a maximum stay allowance. Should a car remain parked for a long time, the system is authorised to impose fines and send notices to the vehicle’s registrant. This system has proven a huge success, cutting down on abuse of car parking facilities across the UK.

Its various devices capture hundreds of millions of positive recognitions every year. Installation of ParkingEye’s devices tends to dramatically improve motorist’s behaviours within car parks. Incidents of poor parking together with collisions and evading of parking tolls and Pay and Display conditions fall sharply when the technology is present and indicated. Since its inception, the firm’s devices have been adopted widely with broad success.

Despite receiving challenges to its ticketing system which is considered unfair or even illegal by many motorists, ParkingEye continues to run strong profit margins year on year. In control of more than 40% of the market, ParkingEye today enjoys a reputation for increasing revenue and decreasing motorist misbehaviour in car parks nationwide.

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