Piggy Bank: 0800 206 1560

Contact Piggy Bank on 0800 206 1560 to discuss your short-term loan on their freephone customer service number.

Check out the phone numbers below for specific departments of Piggy Bank – if uncertain of which to phone, call the number above for prompt assistance from loan advisors.

ENQUIRIES: To learn more about the loans Piggy Bank offer, just call 0800 206 1560 for advice from customer care.

If you would like to discuss a lending arrangement with Piggy Bank via email, write to: help@piggy-bank.co.uk

APPLICATIONS: To apply for a new short loan term from Piggy Bank, you can phone 0800 206 1560 for customer service.

You can make a new application or enquire about an existing one via email: applications@piggy-bank.co.uk

COLLECTIONS: If you need to inform Piggy Bank about a late loan repayment, or pay off part or all of your loan, call 0800 206 1560.

To enquire about money collections via email, write to: collections@piggy-bank.co.uk

Established as a lender for a few years now, Piggy Bank specialise in short term ‘payday’ style loans for those needing a bit extra to make ends meet during a given month. Most of their loans are intended for repayment within 30 days.

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