Pure Gym: 0843 504 7375

Contact Pure Gym on their Member Services phone number 0843 504 7375 / 03444 770 005 or email them at member.services@puregym.com

Pure Gym is a UK’s largest gym chains, founded on the belief that everyone is entitled to be fit and healthy whilst paying an affordable rate.

Open 24 hours a day, Pure Gym prides itself on providing top-notch modern equipment for fitness conscious people. Each branch of Pure Gym is outfitted with dozens of machines, ensuring that member’s fitness needs are always attended to quickly even during peak times. In addition to this, the gym’s friendly staff host dozens of free classes for members, whilst the layout of the facilities is spacious for optimal safety and comfort.

Aerobics and supervised classes are free as part of the membership package, striking a balance between mechanised fitness and motion routines. Sales are exclusively online, meaning the gyms themselves are focussed purely toward a goal of fitness for their customers.

As one of Britain’s new national chains, Pure Gym is one of several success stories in membership-based fitness. Finding success in the 24-hour society, Pure Gym’s simple but effective philosophy continues to find appeal among health conscious Britons of all ages – especially the business class.

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