To check the status of an order or to make a return via their Quick Check service call QVC on the following, freephone, telephone number: 0800 534333.

QVC is a classic TV-based shopping channel, and in recent years has become a strong retail presence on the Internet. Founded in 1986 by an American businessman, QVC has led the field in TV sales for years, selling electronics, jewellery, household goods and more.

Founded during the dawn of British cable television, QVC’s original and correct assumption was that people would appreciate buying items presented to them on live TV. Over the years, the company has become known for its charismatic presenters, fast shipping, and strongly international focus – it ships about 170 million products worldwide each year.

Now targeting the potentially lucrative mobile platforms in an attempt to diversify from its longstanding TV broadcasts, QVC is a major employer with consistent profits.

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