Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

Contact a customer service advisor at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) on their Direct Banking telephone helpline – call RBS on this phone number 0131 549 8888 (standard local rate).

About RBS

The Royal Bank of Scotland, commonly known as RBS, is one of the biggest banking institutions in Britain.

With a rich history going back to early 18th Century Edinburgh, RBS has provided finance to businesses and individuals for centuries. More recently, the banking institution has suffered a severe blow to its reputation, with senior staff confirmed as involved in the financial crisis which led to meltdown in the global economy in 2007-8. In the wake of this, the bank was nationalised.

Presently seeking to shed large numbers of branches and employees in a drive for automation and efficiency, RBS serves millions of account holders and lenders in the UK and internationally.

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