Red Funnel

If you would like to book your ticket to the Isle of Wight by telephone then call Red Funnel on: 0844 844 9988.

Red Funnel is the company behind all ferries between the UK and the Isle of Wight. Founded over 150 years ago, Red Funnel’s insignia are instantly recognisable by residents and frequent holidaymakers to the scenic island resort.

Beginning with a tiny fleet of steam paddle boats, Red Funnel today operates a modern and widely-operating group of boats, running services to and from the Isle of Wight across England’s southern coast. Today the firm operates 24 hours a day, and has fully fitted its boats with WiFi, TV, a restaurant and bar for ferry customers.

Something of an institution in south England, the Red Funnel continues to run a profitable, popular and quality service for tourists and locals alike.

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