Scottish Gas: 0870 042 0813

Phone Scottish Gas (British Gas) on their UK-wide customer service helpline via this contact number: 0870 042 0813.

Scottish Gas is the Scottish trading name of energy company Centrica, which is also the owner of British Gas. Centrica, including Scottish Gas and British Gas has over twelve million customers in Britain, and is considered to be one of the big six energy companies that dominate the UK energy supply market.

Scottish Gas’s general customer service number is the same one as British Gas. To speak to a customer service representative phone this number: 0870 042 0813 / 0800 048 0202

If you are calling from a UK landline or mobile phone then calls to the 0800 number will be free, while calls to the 0870 number will cost 13p per minute plus your network’s access charge.

Postal Address:

Scottish Gas,
One Waterfront Avenue,
Marine Drive,
EH5 1SG,
United Kingdom.

Insulation, and energy-saving measures

Scottish Gas launched an ongoing campaign in 2014 to encourage homeowners to challenge energy waste through a range of measures including: cavity wall and loft insulation, boiler insulation, and advice and guidance on how to lower energy bills. The campaign, which is spearheaded by posters, billboards and leaflets distributed across the UK, was launched in response to criticism from OFGEM about energy companies, especially the big six, misleading customers and not giving them support in lowering their bills. One of these posters features a detached house with a roof that is open to the elements, with this accompanying question: “Is yours one of the homes across the country… that is losing heat through the roof.” British Gas promise free installation of insulation across the nation, including Scotland.

Although British, and Scottish Gas, have made this campaign seem like it is their idea, the simple fact is that all they are doing is fulfilling their part of the Energy Companies Obligation – an energy effiency legislation that was introduced by OFGEM in 2013. See this outline of the OFGEM Energy Companies Obligation:

If you investigate the terms and conditions of the British Gas ‘free installation’ statement, you will also find that OFGEM is actually funding the insulation. If the cost of insulating your property exceeds the funding made available by OFGEM then you will have to pay the difference out of your own pocket.

Below is a link to the British Gas ‘Free Insulation’ terms and conditions.

If you would like to speak to Scottish gas about insulation or any other energy saving devices then phone the number below: 0800 072 8629

Sponsorship of National Events

Scottish Gas is a regular sponsor of national events including, in 2014, the National short course swimming championships, which was held in Edinburgh in 2014. Scottish Gas also have a commitment to community projects and fundraising for charities.

Below is an example of some of the work they have performed for the community:


In terms of online reviews, British Gas/Scottish Gas are not the most complained about energy company in the UK. However, they only achieved a 49% satisfaction rating in the ‘Which?’ website’s 2015 customer safisfaction survey. Furthermore, there are even some websites dedicated to detailing the poor customer service and ineptitude of the British Gas callcentre staff.

If you make a telephone call to the Scottish Gas customer service centre then you can expect to wait around three minutes before your call will be answered. However, be prepared to wait for much longer.

Contact Numbers

Below is a list of the most frequently used telephone numbers for British Gas. You can also use the same numbers if you need to contact Scottish Gas. All their numbers begin with 0800, which is free to call as a BT landline user.


If you think you can smell gas, or believe you have faulty electrics then phone the emergency number: 0800 111 999.

Account Enquiries

Telephone number: 0800 048 0202

Pay As You Go

Telephone number: 0800 048 0303.

If you are moving home and would like to set up a Pay As You Go account, or end an existing deal then call the same number, above.


If you would like to phone Scottish Gas to set up a supply from them then call this telephone number: 0800 980 6005.


If you have had a central heating breakdown then phone this telephone number: 0800 072 7511.


If you believe that you are, or have been, the victim of electricity or gas theft then call this telephone number: 0800 587 2737.

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