Sheilas’ Wheels: 0345 045 2000

Phone 0345 045 2000 to contact Sheilas’ Wheels sales and customer services team to chat about an existing policy, or request a quote on car insurance.

Please find a range of more specific phone numbers for Sheilas’ Wheels below – if in doubt though, please call the number above for friendly customer service.

Motor Insurance

CLAIMS: To make a claim on your motor insurance, dial 0345 604 3570.

To lodge a claim on your motor insurance through email, just write to:

Documented proof of no claims eligibility is handled at this email:

Home Insurance

QUOTES: For a home insurance quotation, or for customer care, call 0345 045 9000.

CLAIMS: If you want to make a claim, phone 0345 604 4215.

Home cover claims can also be discussed with Sheilas’ Wheels by writing to their email address:

Travel Insurance

QUOTES: Sheilas’ Wheels offer travel insurance quotations on this contact number 0345 604 3562.

If you’d prefer to seek customer service via email, general customer service with any insurance may be sought via this email address:

About Sheilas’ Wheels

When they launched, Sheilas’ Wheels made headlines for being one of the few insurance companies to market motor and home policies exclusively to women. Although EU law means they are now legally obligated to sell cover to men, the company continues to employ its signature flamboyant and effeminately colourful marketing techniques in adverts and promotions.

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