Sky Cancellations: 0800 151 2747

If you’e having second thoughts about the Sky TV or Broadband package that you’ve recently signed up for, don’t delay in calling the Sky Cancellations Helpline on 0800 151 2747 to speak to an advisor about cancelling your contract before it’s too late.

Given how vast and wide ranging Sky’s services are, it’s inevitable that many customers will want to modify or cancel their packages. It could be because of a house move, because of pricing increases, because of technical problems or even a better deal seen offered by a competitor. Although Sky is forever striving to do the best to improve and vary its services, it’s impossible for everybody to be satisfied with what they’re paying for, hence the presence of a dedicated Sky department aimed directly at aiding those wanting to cancel.

Whatever the reason, reaching Sky’s cancellation line is simple. By calling 0800 151 2747 you’ll be connected to the company’s main switchboard. After selecting a couple of options you’ll be routed directly to Sky’s customer cancellations department. There the representative will walk you through the process step by step, setting an exact date on which your services will cease. At this point the staff member will probably ask you why you want to give Sky up. How best can you respond?

Sometimes, Sky’s commitment to customer satisfaction and happiness will lead the company to offer you a selection of promotional reductions on their packages. High paying, long term customers tend to receive top priority for these, but with the market so competitive Sky is often willing to make concessions flexibly, especially during a price war with one or more of its rivals. If you simply mention you’ve worked out a better offer elsewhere, the advisor present might try to dissuade you from cancelling by offering a better deal on your existing contract!

The overall length of time for Sky TV and Broadband to discontinue varies, though packages generally end up fully cancelled at the end of a 30 day period. If you want to stop the cancellation process, it’s a simple matter of calling Sky within the 30 day notice period you’ve given them. If you violate this cooling off period, the firm may charge you for breaking your contract. Note that if you prevent your cancellation by calling back during this window of time there’s no need to explain your change of mind: the agent you’ll converse with will simply erase your cancellation request and you’ll be considered an ordinary paying subscriber as before.

Given how most of us are having to save in a persistently slow economy, it is possible to simply book upgrades or individual channels for a short time. So if for instance a big event is happening in football, you can get a channel for one month and order it cancelled at the end of the month and the tourney. This arrangement has become a common one for cancellations, with the expert staff present experienced and able to give you what you need and activate the channels/packages you want in just minutes.

In the scenario that you’ve already applied to join for Sky but no longer wish for the installation to go ahead, you can call the cancellations department to abort the entire process. This is generally straightforward, with the customer service advisors simply requesting your details and then putting the cancellation through rather than asking questions regards your change of mind. Effectively, you can cancel quickly and with confidence.

If you’re certain about your cancellation and want to discuss your decision with one of Sky’s trained customer care representatives, simply phone the Cancellations team on the number below.

Why not call Sky on 0800 151 2747 to discuss your cancellation decision with one of Sky’s keen customer care representatives?

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