Sky Complaints: 0800 151 2747

Call the Sky complaints contact number, 0800 151 2747 for complaints about your experience after signing up for Sky TV, Sky Broadband or any other Sky product.

Large companies like Sky offer a multitude of services. Although all give value, there are bound to be problems arising between all the offerings. If you’ve a problem with your service, it’s usually best to make your voice heard via the Sky complaints department on the phone. By calling 0800 151 2747 you’ll reach the Sky switchboard, which will offer you choices through which you can connect directly to the complaints team.

Often the trouble with making complaints exclusively on the phone is the lack of written documentation you’ll gain as proof of your troubles. Whether you’re not getting the services you’ve paid for, or are unhappy with the performance of a Sky engineer or assistant, you can request a written correspondence by e-mailed or posted to you. Further escalation is likewise possible, in the rare scenario that the complaint drags on into the long term – contacting the Ombudsman service being the prime option. That said it’s usually best to let Sky perform their fixes – today, the company aims to have all complaints resolved within an absolute maximum of 10 days.

In about three quarters of complaints cases however, the problems customers have is swiftly and expertly resolved by the customer care staff you’ll speak to. Partly this is down to how well the complaints interface is put together. As you navigate the complaints menu, you’ll be introduced to categories split between the services. Here they are:

Sky TV – If you are using Sky TV then your complaints fit into this category. Usually complaints span technical problems like signal reception, hardware and set top box issues, upgrades, and cancellations.

Sky Broadband – as Sky’s Internet division, the broadband complaints line deals with any and all issues arising around one’s online connectivity. Common complaints comprise technical connectivity problems, wireless problems, Sky Email issues, speed of services plus upgrades and downgrades.

Sky Talk – This service refers to the name of Sky’s landline services. If your complaint ranges into the scope of Sky Talk then it most likely concerns technical problems with wiring or line quality. Other issues include the common desire customers have to cancel their landline in favour of using mobiles to save on line rental fees.

Online services – This type of compliant ranges across the many online services that Sky offers to its customers through its Sky ID. Although there’s lots of overlap with billing and account access, these services commonly cover the Sky website, e-mail service, and mobile phone account information.

Accounts & Billing – This is one of the most critical complaint types Sky deals with. Incorrect charges to TV, phone and Internet are common, and are often resolved by a quick refund. Other examples include billing discrepancies, refunds and compensation matters, service credit, engineer tracking and Sky’s insurance.

Using this specific approach, the solving of complaints usually becomes a much more straightforward and easy matter. Ever conscious of customer perceptions, Sky will commonly offer a customer restitution for their lost time and inconvenience. This can take the form of discounts instated upon their bills, and refunds of certain services.

Call Sky on 0800 151 2747. This is Sky’s telephone helpline switchboard and from here you can easily lodge a compliant over the phone.

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