Sky TV: 0800 151 2747

Call the Sky TV Helpline on 0800 151 2747.

Sky TV is one of the UK’s leading range of home entertainment packages in terms of package specifications, total subscribers and quantity of satisfied customers. So naturally, there are also many complaints, technical support enquiries and cancellation requests. If you need to contact Sky about an existing Sky TV package, or to subscribe to something new for you, phone them on 0800 151 2747.

Why are thousands of British consumers phoning Sky TV every week?

While there are naturally dozens of package cancellations and hundreds of Sky TV complaints every day, there are also dozens of new customers joining Sky TV every day, and hundreds of satisfied subscribers renewing their Sky TV packages too.

So if you’re looking to join Sky TV, phone our Sky TV Contact Number to get put through to a sales advisor; if you’re looking to cancel we can put you through to a Sky TV cancellations agent who will try his best to win back your custom; if you have a general enquiry we’ll put you through to a Sky Customer Service representative; and if you are having technical difficulties we’ll pass you on to one of many legendary Sky TV technical support gurus.

All of Sky’s callcentre staff are experts in Sky’s range of products & services, especially Sky TV and Sky Broadband – the mainstay of the company’s business today, and practically all of Sky’s related digital television and internet services. Sky’s customer service staff are easily able to immediately pass you on to whichever Sky TV package specialist is best placed to handle your specific call.

Why choose Sky TV?

An excellent range of digital TV channels

Nowadays cable TV customers are bombarded with hundreds of channels, many of which we simply don’t want to watch. Careful to monitor feedback and wary of competition from services such as Netflix, Sky has been able to keep on top of viewer habits, accordingly offering the most comprehensive and quality TV packages on the market. With the range of tailor-made packages Sky offers, you can choose what’s right for you and exclude the stations you have no interest in.

With so many competitors vying for your viewing, it’s fortunate that Sky is here to help filter down and improve upon their massive selection.

Easy navigation and feature-rich settings

For further filtration and to save you even more time, Sky TV uses lots of useful navigation features. You can favourite what you like, set alerts for programmes to watch, and use the service to catch up on shows you missed without any pesky advertisements. All this makes your cable television a lot less bewildering and a much better service to use. Whether you enjoy sport, films, documentaries, comedies, game or reality shows you can concentrate on the channels that best fit your preferences. Channels that don’t make the cut can simply be dropped or excluded from your package.

Useful guidance and keen customer service

Sorting all this out isn’t hard either. Once you’ve decided on a package, you should call Sky’s customer services on 0800 151 2747. After you’ve followed a few steps you’ll be connected to a helpful advisor will walk you through the registration process and book you an installation. Mastering the Sky remote and set top box is a matter of reading the paper manual that’s included with your new customer pack, to help you make sense of the various buttons and navigation screens Sky uses. After this, you’ll soon be a fully fledged Sky customer, ready to access shows, movies and other TV services that no-one else can get.

What’s more, Sky’s services are optimised for the latest HD viewing experience, which itself makes a huge difference when watching sport or some of the network’s spectacular and exclusive nature shows.

Call Sky TV on 0800 151 2747 to upgrade your Sky TV package and wave goodbye to shabby cable TV services of the past.

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