Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

Contact the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company on their general enquiries phone number 01624 661661.

The telephone wasn’t even invented when, almost 200 years ago, the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company opened ferry routes linking the Isle of Man with Liverpool and Dublin. By continuously retaining these services since their foundation in 1830 the IoMSPCo has become the oldest active passenger ferry company in the world.

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company is a transportation firm with a heritage going back close to 200 years to the very beginning of steam’s use as a means of transporting people across land and sea.

Having moved beyond the traditional steam vessels decades ago, the company is nevertheless proud of its heritage. Its larger, modern ships transport cars and other vehicles together with passengers, with a steady year on year growth owing to buoyant tourism in the Isle of Man thanks to the island’s famous TT motorbike racing and attractive settlements.

An institution of travel in the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man Steam Packet remains a dominant player whilst working hard to provide customers good service at fair prices.

Telephone numbers

Two contact numbers are provided on the IoMSPCo steam packet company’s website:

  • 01624 661661 – Calls to this number are charged at standard local rate.
  • 08722 992992 – Calls to this number are described on the company’s website as costing 11 pence a minute, however, it’s likely this was increased with Ofcom’s regulation changes on 1st July 2015 so these calls are now likely to cost 13p/min or more (plus access charge).

Operators man these phones between 6:30am and 6:30pm, Monday to Friday.  On Saturdays and Sundays operators take calls between 7am and 6pm.


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