Tesco Credit Card: 0345 300 4278

Contact the Tesco Credit Card customer service team on this phone number: 0345 300 4278.

This phone number is open 24/7 to handle any questions you might have about their credit cards and financial products.

When the Tesco credit card was launched in 2014 it was pitched at people with a poor credit rating and those who had not had a credit card before. It was hoped that their credit limits, which could be set as low as £250, would give people a step onto, or back onto, the financial ladder. The low APR, which was set at 28.9% in that year, would also provide a very competitive rate.

Tesco Clubcard Credit Card

Since then the APR rate has fallen gradually, and is now advertised as 18.9% on the Tesco Bank website. For regular shoppers at Tesco there is also the added bonus of a 0% interest rate on purchases for the first three months and the opportunity of collecting Tesco Clubcard Vouchers on those purchases.

Tesco Credit Card customers can access their accounts online via the Tesco Bank website.

Contact Numbers

Tesco Bank provides a range of telephone-based support services including: applications online; identity protection claims and queries; card protection; and online banking support. Each of these services has a unique telephone number and they’re all open 24/7.

0345 300 4278 – Contact the Tesco credit card customer service team on this number

0345 300 4278 – Apply for a Tesco credit card on this telephone number

0344 848 4277 – Call this number to report suspected identity theft

0345 300 3511 – Phone this number if you need help with online banking

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