TV Licence: 0300 555 0286

If you wish to pay your TV Licence over the phone, by setting up a direct debit or using a payment card, phone this contact number: 0300 555 0286.

Whether you use a payment card to pay for your TV licence on a weekly or monthly basis, or whether you want to setup a Direct Debit, the UK government’s TV Licensing payments hotline above is the best number to call.

Formal written complaints and enquiries about TV licensing or the inspection process may be sent to by post to:

Customer Relations,
TV Licensing,
DL98 1TL.

The TV Licence, dressed up as a permit, is actually a tax which owners of televisions have to make every year, by law. It funds public broadcasts from the supposedly impartial BBC, including entertainment, documentary and news shows, with a smaller allotment of funding going to Channel 4.

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