University of Birmingham

Contact the University of Birmingham on 0121 414 3344.

This phone number is suitable for current and prospective students of the University of Birmingham, as well as media and corporate partners, and anyone with a general enquiry. It’s a direct Birmingham landline number so calls are charged at your standard local rate.

Birmingham University

With centuries of history behind it, the University of Birmingham stands proud as an emblem of educational and intellectual achievement in England. Of international importance, the University is lauded for accomplishments in research, plus its training and admitting thousands of bright young people into the ranks of the medical, legal, accounting and engineering professions.

Granted its Royal Charter in 1900, the University of Birmingham’s earliest accomplishments were in the fields of chemistry. Research headed by prominent chemists such as Sir Norman Haworth propelled the institution to international renown; while physics advances during the years of World War 2 enhanced the Allies weapon capacities, aiding their eventual victory. The academic legacy and formidable credence of the university was cemented upon its admission to the Russell Group.

Today Birmingham University functions proudly as a centre of tutoring excellence; places are heavily competed over, and in recent years the institution has opted out of clearing owing to the sheer demand from prospective students. Noted also for its majesty, the university’s structures such as the Aston Webb and Great Hall buildings exhibit a distinct old time architectural charm, while newer modernisations like the Birmingham Observatory are of a much more cutting-edge pedigree.

How to contact Birmingham Uni

Contact the University of Birmingham by phone, email or post, with the following contact details.

Phone numbers

Prospective and current students can call the general enquiries helpline 0121 414 3344.

International enquiries should be directed to the dedicated international students’ department, phone +44 (0)121 414 2894.

Postal address

Address postal letters to Birmingham University as follows…

The University of Birmingham
B15 2TT
United Kingdom

Email addresses

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Open day enquiries:

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