VISA: 0800 891 725

Contact the Visa Credit Card customer service team on 0207 795 5777 or call freephone 0800 891 725.

Both of these UK telephone numbers go through to the same multi-language general enquiries helpline for VISA card customers, financial institutions and merchants.

Visa is an American financial services corporation that processes electronic transfers of funds between banks around the world. In the unlikely event that you need a reminder of their logo then take a look at your bank card and find the white letter ‘V’, with it’s customary go faster stripe.

VISA Credit Cards

Operating out of their data centres in Washington and Colorado Visa Inc. process a hundred billion transactions a year. Each of these transactions are protected against fraud by hundreds of checks and variables. In turn the data centres are secured against earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Their underground locations and blast doors also help to secure their place as the safest option in banking transfers.

The genesis of Visa Inc, lies in booming post-war America. At this time the country’s middle-classes were ever more hungry for more credit, more convenient purchasing, and the latest status symbols. By launching it’s BankAmericard in 1958 – the world’s first modern credit card – to 68,00 American households the Bank of America would revolutionise the process of granting and processing credit.

After this test proved successful the floodgates of credit were open and by the 1970s the Bank of America were no longer able to keep up with the growing desire for credit cards in America. In 1976 Licenses were granted to other financial companies to regulate credit transactions in America and across the world. However, all the companies that were granted licenses would be limited by the regulations of one network: Visa International – later to become Visa Inc.

VISA UK Telephone Numbers

If you are in Europe and would like to contact Visa, phone one of the following numbers:

For customer service and general enquiries, call: 0207 795 5777 or freephone 0800 891 725.

If you would like to ring VISA’s telephone switchboard at their UK head office in London, call: 0207 937 8111.

Alternatively, if you’d like to try contacting VISA by email, send your enquiry to for a formal written response.

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