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Contact Vodafone on their 24-hour customer service phone number 0870 042 0846.

Introducing Vodafone

Vodafone was one of the first phone companies to launch 4G technology in the UK, and, in 2014, went one better by launching 4.5G technology in London.

In 2012, Wikipedia ranked the British mobile phone company Vodafone as the 41st largest company in Europe in terms of revenue. Currently, they are the third largest telecommunications company in the world, and with assets worth £122bn as of 2014, Vodafone is the third-largest company listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Mark Langshaw of the Digital Spy magazine suggested that Vodafone is set to further it’s empire with a takeover bid for Sky. Albeit unlikely, Vodafone is nevertheless determined to launch its own TV and broadband services this year to compete head-on with BT, Sky and Virgin Media.

The history of Vodafone

“Happy New Year”

The Vodafone mobile phone company – which now runs mobile phone networks in 21 countries – began life with one phone call, made on the 1st of January 1985. The phone call, using a mobile called the Transportable Vodafone (VT1), was made by the son of Vodafone’s first chairman to his Father Sir Ernest Harrison from Parliament Square, London. This was the first ever phone call from a mobile phone in the UK and the happy new year message ushered in a new era for communications in this country.

The VT1 weighed 11 pounds (about four pounds more than a new born baby) and by the end of 1985 over 12,000 had been sold. At that stage mobile phones were seen as a novelty and were the preserve of the rich -particularly yuppies- they could be bought for around £2000 (£5000 in today’s terms including inflation).

“Merry Christmas”

A few years after making Britain’s first ever mobile phone call, Vodafone would set another first by being the recipient of the UK’s first ever text message. The message, which read ‘Merry Christmas’ was received by Richard Jarvis of Vodafone on the 3rd of December 1992.

Vodafone’s Services

Alongside the obvious phone and texting network Vodafone provides a raft of other services. An interesting development is the One Net Express, this is a landline number which can be accessed from your mobile phone. This service is extremely beneficial for certain customers, especially business people who want to be able to receive business calls when they are out of office.

Instead you may choose the One Net Business service, a cloud based service which allows you to combine your mobile number, landline number and voicemail messages from both on your mobile.

Vodafone also offers dongle packages for those who wish to access the Internet on the go. Vodafone dongle packages can be purchased for just under £50, with a thirty day contract.

Contact Vodafone

Contact Vodafone on their 24-hour customer service phone number 0870 042 0846.

191: If you are an existing Vodafone customer and calling from your mobile, simply dial 191, which is a free number if you are calling from a phone with a Vodafone contract.

Live Chat: If you are phoning from abroad, then instead of phoning Vodafone on +448700420846 it may best if you use the Vodafone live chat. To do this you will need to login to your Vodafone customer account – you will then be able to chat with a customer service representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via your computer.

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