To contact Wonga.com on their general enquiries helpline, phone 0207 138 8330.

Newcastle United players wearing Wonga-sponsored kits Wonga is an internet-based payday loans company providing short-term credit solutions to customers needing cash fast who are happy to pay a premium for it.

The brand has undergone rapid changes in recent times, having been ordered to write off vast swathes of credit found objectionable by the UK government’s Financial Conduct Authority. Today, Wonga advertises its rates in a clearer fashion in accordance with guidelines, and has begun to enjoy renewed success in its market.

Although not even a decade old, Wonga has gained massive media attention for its memorable advertisement campaigns. Its ads are visible on public transport and within the sponsorship of Newcastle United – given its controversial reputation for repayments demanded, criticisms have tended to follow each of the company’s major promotional moves.

On some level, though, Wonga thrives upon the scathing barbs of those opposed to its business model: even though the company is decried within some sectors of society and had to write off debt in 2014, the business in general has been quite successful owing to its ginormous brand recognition among ordinary people.

Much of Wonga’s success stems from its standout advert campaigns which have taken on celebrities such as Nicholas Parsons and made use of puppets to illustrate particulars of the business. The visibility of the Wonga brand name within the press has made it synonymous with loans in the public mind, with its identity an important part of its success above the multitude of competitors offering essentially the same services and interest rates.

How to contact Wonga

You can contact Wonga at any time on their 24/7 customer care helpline 0207 138 8330.

If you need to make a quick repayment over the phone, call their automatic repayments hotline 0207 183 0063 – also available 24/7.

You may also email Wonga at their customer care email address: customercare@wonga.com

To write to Wonga formally, in order to express your concern or lodge a complaint, send your letter to their customer care postal address:

Wonga Customer Care
88 Crawford Street

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