Yodel: 0843 504 3723

You can contact Yodel customer service on phone number 0843 504 3723 to track or rearrange your parcel delivery and make general enquiries.

Yodel, formerly HDNL (Home Delivery Network Ltd) is an English company specialising in the delivery of parcelled goods. Aided by recent governmental deregulations, the company has grown at a blistering pace.

Originally tied only to the Shop Direct Group, Yodel has in a short time grown to dominate much of the private delivery market. In spite of enjoying record profits year on year owing to the market’s rapid growth, Yodel has suffered from immense logistical and service issues. These have resulted in permanent negative marks upon its reputation.

Though smarting from scathing customer reviews and media investigations, Yodel continues to profit and grow year to year.

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