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Drunk mom sex stories I Am Want Couples

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Drunk mom sex stories

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You had jeans and a white top.

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It was damp. I plunged into her slowly, pressing my cock deep in, then holding there. My cock was throbbing inside my pants and I had to take it out now.

Then it became 2 drinks each night… etc… I suppose they were supposed to relax her. The host called Dad Handjob personals in Medford Massachusetts said she was tipsy and missed her ride home. But it was too late now to worry about that. Sexual thoughts druunk to my zex. She was wearing a business suit with pinstripes.

Wow, what a sight of two large, mature breasts! I'd look at her shapely breasts and. My mind could only hold that image of her nearly naked body sprawled out on the sofa.

This was better than I had dreamt about all day! As we neared home I began to go into a state of panic. I could feel the heat from her pussy. My plan was simple. Nothing bad about the taste of the wetness.

She must have had a great view. She only breathed a long sigh. My history of sex so far was only whacking off in the mature bra section of the Sears catalog! I tried edging upward on the sofa.

I was unconsciously going almost all the way out then slamming back in. I glanced up at the bedroom window and knew that Dad slept like a log. Was happy when she drank two more gins and could sgories her eyes closing with the drone of the TV. Fucked my Mom the third time!

She looked so serene with her eyes closed like that, her face seemed angelic to me. Looking down at this beautiful adult woman made me wonder why I chased those dumb little girls at school? It was better than him tearing into Mom.

Mom’s drunk again

I was now finger fucking my own Mom! You want passion? really hated her when she was drunk because this. My cock just pulsed my cum into her! I guessed she weighed about pounds and her tits must have been at least 38s. What time was it? I fucked Mom for a bit long that time before I cum in her again and pulled my cock out.

I had to fuck her! She was drunk a lot and it was easy to look.

I was too young when I realized it two. Just little forward jerks. I used to listen to them fuck like rabbits. She suddenly began to cough and groan. Now I was very interested in the opposite sex and Mom was there for me to learn explore and experience the opposite sex. Was there anything I should do to stop this? Made my way to her.

Drunk mother

I swear I could feel her pussy inside kind of milking me with gentle squeezes of her vagina muscles. But my mind was racing. When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom started to drink a lot. Sex with my mother (True story). Oh man! I was doing pushups in her pussy when I cum in her. I was mesmerized now and slid off the sofa and moved up between her legs.

I was over excited with lust. Sat back a moment and licked sec lips. Boy fucks his drunk Mom. He worked a lot in sales and basically neglected Fucking xxx girl Lowell and Mom. stroies

Mom's drunk again

My Mom the Milf I was always curious about sex with my mom. After I stopped shaking from fear and excitement I got into position and easliy slipped inside of her vagina. I heard her walking up the stairs to her bedroom and popped out to ask if she needed anything. Drunk Mom and I Sexx a few years, my Wife seeking casual sex Port Royal started having a drinking problem.

I can't handle any more. She seemed to no longer be my Mom, but a sexy woman. She laid there awake.

I bent down and put my nose to her crotch and inhaled long and slow. I was eighteen and had sex with girlfriends but sex with mom was burning me up. Then let my tongue stroke up and down along her slit again until I pressed forward and placed my whole mouth over it.

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I sat Evelyn on my bed, laid her back, and got between her legs. I got up and went syories the living room and tried to wake her up to go to bed. Then I pushed into her and felt that high rising ecstasy washing over me again. Then moved my hand around until it was swx her pussy, feeling the puffy hair through the cotton panties. It was an agonizing wait, but I knew that if she went to sleep too soon she would not be drunk enough for my plans. She didn't.